Intro: Ill. These are difficult times for us. It would appear that the Lord's people are burdened with unnecessary burdens and that there is trouble everywhere. It is simple to forget that Romans 8:28 actually means what it says! It is simple to feel defeated, defeated, and defeated at times. Frequently, losing one's shout is simple. What's going on? I think the explanation we lose our yell amidst our preliminaries is that we neglect to focus on the genuine justification for our delight in any case. Is happiness the source of our happiness? We as a whole prefer to feel far better, yet apparently, from the text, that sentiments aren't where it is at. Is it conditions that achieve cheering? It would appear that not from our text! Is it happiness to get what we want? Once more, from the text, I would agree no! Then, what is the true source of joy? As per Jesus, the genuine foundation of satisfaction isn't sentiments, conditions or getting our direction that gives pleasure, rather, it is the basic, favored confirmation that we have been saved by effortlessness that ought to create "delight unspeakable and brimming with greatness" in our souls and lives.

Examine the text. In the name of the Lord, the Disciples had been preaching and serving others. They had seen strong things happen. Why is this? Because of their power, even demon spirits were driven away. They are overjoyed by this and bring their great spiritual power to Jesus. However, Jesus reveals to them the real reason for their joy. He lets them know that salvation is awesome and most prominent impetus for euphoria in the life if the devotee.

I'm glad He said that, you know! I've never extinguished a demon, and I probably won't ever. The situation is similar for most, if not all of you. We haven't, and aren't similar to encounter any such thing, and on the off chance that it took something of that size to give motivation to celebrate, then I guess we could always be unable to cheer For the sake of the Master. However, Jesus made joy accessible to every child of God!

The main thing essential for there to be celebrating in your life is only the way that you name is written in Paradise. We would demolish this structure tonight if we could ever discover that truth! I'm here this evening to tell you that you should rejoice if you are saved. You have good reason to yell. You have al that is expected to laud the name of the Ruler as lengthy and as noisy as you wish.

I believe each brought back to life individual in this room should realize that you can cheer, that there isn't anything halting you. I want to explain why you should, can, and should learn to praise Jesus. I'll tell you three good reasons to celebrate.

I. AS A RESULT OF YOUR Eternal Salvation (Ill. Salvation is more than just a "free pass to Hell." The believer frequently overlooks the many wonderful gifts that salvation provides as he confronts life's challenges. This evening, I just want to remind you of the benefits you receive from your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. You are saved and can enjoy all of salvation's benefits if your name appears in heaven! Notice what some of them are.)

A. A Relationship: A brand-new relationship is established upon conversion. According to 1 John 3:1-2, a newborn child of God is immediately a child of God. We have a special relationship with God in Heaven, who becomes our father. This evening, I want to talk about two aspects of that relationship.

1. Gal. Has Had an Adoption. 4:4-6; 2 Cor. 6:17-18 When we are saved, we are taken on into the group of God. He recognizes us as His children and grants us all of their rights and privileges.

(Sick. Reception - "reception" (huiothesia) means to put as a child. Adoption is a beautiful illustration of what God does for Christians. The ancient world's family system was established by a Roman law known as "patria potestas," or the power of the father. The law afforded the dad outright power over his youngsters insofar as the dad lived. He could employ, sell, enslave, and, if he so desired, impose the death penalty. The father had complete control over the child's property and personal rights, regardless of the child's adult age.

Hence, reception was a big deal. However, it was common practice to avoid the extinction of a family by having no male children. Additionally, three legal steps were taken when a child was adopted.

1. The adopted son was given up for good. He was unable to be embraced today and excluded tomorrow. He turned into a child of the dad - until the end of time. He was endlessly secure as a child.

2. The new family accorded the adopted son all of the rights of a legitimate son right away.

3. The embraced child totally lost all privileges in his old family. The adopted son was viewed as a brand-new individual, so brand-new that his previous family's debts and obligations were erased as if they had never existed.)

2. There Is Access: As children, we have unrestricted access to our Heavenly Father, Heb. 4:14-16. As a result, we can seek assistance by taking our burdens to Him. We can approach Him with our issues and seek solutions. We can take our damages to Him and see as recuperating. Since we are the offspring of God, we can and ought to go to the Dad and permit Him to pastor to our necessities.

B. A Renewal: When a person seeks salvation through Jesus, certain things become brand-new. Sometimes are eliminated, which is a cause for celebration!

1. He washes us clean - Col. 2:13; Eph. 4:32 - All that was messy, foul and underhanded about us has been everlastingly removed! That alone merits praise for His Name!

2. We Are Transformed by Him—He not only alters the future but also takes away the past! 2 Cor. We are clearly informed in verse 17 that a person is transformed when they become a child of God! They are no longer what they used to be, however not they have been recovered and they are allowed to live for the Ruler. ( Eph. Ill. 2:10) When you meet Jesus, everything changes!

C. A Reward The Lord will reward His children now and when they return home, despite how difficult it may be to imagine. Rom claims that 8:16-17; Titus 3:7; 1 Pet. 1:3-4 states that every child of God is an heir. That is to say, everything that belongs to the Father is actually ours to own. What does that cost? Psalm 24:1; Psalm 50:10. Just expressed, it is enough for yourself and for me to partake in the home of the best! Everything my father gave me is mine! And that is sufficient! In fact, we are only just beginning to comprehend everything that Jesus Christ has for us. A stanza that is commonly used to recount the wonders of Paradise is better applied to this life - 1 Cor. 2:9. We have no idea what the Lord can accomplish in and through those who are His!

(Ill. He called me, he died for me, and he saved me! He did everything! He put me in His body. He provided me with a position of administration. I was equipped to serve by him. I received gifts so that I could carry out His will. He blessed. He labored. He was in charge of the harvest. Then, even after this life has ended, He will still honor me for my service to Him, 1 Cor. It's no wonder we'll throw our crowns at His feet and sing praises to His name (Rev.

D. A Rescue: Daniel 12:1 describes a time when people whose names are in the book of life will be expelled from this world. According to 1 Corinthians, believers refer to that event as the rapture. 15:51-52; 1 Thes. 4:16-17. We will be able to travel with Jesus when He returns to receive His Bride because our names are written in Heaven. We won't be able to experience the upcoming Great Tribulation on Earth because we will be taken alive to be with Him in Heaven. In a flash, we will leave and spend all of eternity with our glorious Lord in His heavenly dwelling!

(Sick. Assuming you took the bits of insight and had no others, there would be sufficient to yell about for eternity! However, there are two additional explanations for Why You Can Rejoice that I would like to provide.)

I. Because You Will Always Be Saved II. Due to YOUR Everlasting SECURITY

A. Sick. In addition to the fact that we are saved and can yell about that, yet we are saved for eternity! Take note of the phrase "are written." The Perfect Passive Indicative uses this verb. may not be very important to you, but this will. The phrase "your name is written and shall be written" is the verb's literal meaning. It implies that it stands composed. The past action that has ongoing effects into the future is referred to in the Perfect Tense. We are reminded by the passive voice that the subject is being acted on by someone else. The Demonstrative State of mind is just an explanation of truth. When all of this is considered together, you will realize that God entered your name into the Lamb's Book of Life at some point in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Essentially expressed, Jesus said this, "your names stand written in paradise."

B. The Ruler Jesus gave a commitment thusly in Fire up. 3:5. There, he promises that our names will not be erased from the history of life! I am thankful to the Lord that you will remain there forever when you enter! It is absolutely impossible for any offspring of God to lose his salvation! All things considered, we are not kept by what we do, yet by the force of God, 1 Pet. 1:5. In the event that I can lose my salvation, then God isn't sufficiently extraordinary to keep me saved!

C. If it ever occurred to us that we are kept by grace as well as those who saved us, we would break apart! I have no doubt that many Christians secretly dread the possibility that they will perish and end up in Hell at some point in the future. Nothing could be father from reality! There is good news if you are saved—you will be saved forever!

I. Because You Will Always Be Saved II. as a result of your eternal security Because of Your Eternal Satisfaction A. Ill. If being saved and secure for the rest of our lives isn't enough to make us happy, maybe the thought of Heaven will do the trick. Why? Because according to Rev. 20:15, having your name inscribed in the Book of Life signifies the difference between Heaven and Hell; Rev. 21:27. You will enter Heaven if your name appears in the book!

B. "Enroll as a citizen" is the meaning of the word "written." Phil, you became a citizen of that nation as soon as you accepted Christ as your personal Savior and saw your name written in heaven. 3:20. Consequently, we own Heaven and everything in it!

C. Simply consider what that implies! It indicates that we belong to Heaven and will one day experience all of its splendor! Let me bring some of them to mind.

1. No tears - Fire up. 21:4

2. No passing - Fire up. 21:4

3. No anguish - Rev. 21:4 No suffering - Rev. 21:4 No transgression - Fire up. 21:8

6. No sinners, according to Rev. 21:8. No Sanctuary - Fire up. 21:22

8. There is no sun in Rev. 21:23. No nighttime -- Rev. 21:25 There is no curse in Rev. 22:3 IL, but that's all bad news! Look at what will be there right now!

1. God with His kin - Fire up. 21:3

2. Rev. 21:22-23: The Lamb and His People; 22:4

3. Jasper walls - Fire up. 21:11-12

4. Rev. 21:21 - Pearly Gates Rev. 21:21, "Golden Streets," verse 6 The justified - Rev. 21:24 Rev. 21:23: The glory of God Home - John 14:1-3 Ill. There is more I could say about Heaven, but these things are enough to make me happy that they are mine and that I will enjoy them one glorious day. And you?

Conc: I hope you can see, as we conclude these thoughts this evening, that those of us who are saved have many reasons to celebrate. "Have we been giving the Lord the praise He deserves and is worthy of, or have we been guilty of holding back?" is the question that comes to mind right now. Let's make a decision that, if we are saved, we will behave as though we are, and we will rejoice simply because we can! Isn't it good of the Lord to give us so many reasons to praise Him? This evening, let us give Him glory and honor rather than taking them for granted.