Intro: One summer, a nine-year-old boy and his parents traveled to Europe. Some portion of their visit included visits to the incredible old houses of God of the past. He saw the massive stained glass portraits of the disciples and other saints as he went cathedral to cathedral.

        He was exceptionally dazzled as he remained in these extraordinary void corridors glancing through the delightful stained glass windows. His Sunday School teacher questioned him about the most memorable European churches upon his return to his church.

        "I loved the sense of awesomeness and the vastness of who God must be," he said after giving it some thought.

        What exactly is a saint? His teacher then asked.

        He said, "A saint is a person the light shines through," as his thoughts returned to those massive, exquisite stained glass windows.

        That is an accurate description of what it means to be a God-fearing saint. We are to reflect Jesus' light to a lost and dying world, like the moon, even though we lack our own light.

        In our text today, the Master gives us a few understanding into light and the spot it is to possess in profound issues. You can't hide from the light, as these verses will demonstrate to you.

        John 8:12 says that Jesus is the "Light of the World." Even the gloomiest of places and hearts are illuminated by his light. He provides us with a glimpse into His light. Permit me to share a couple of current realities of light with you as I teach regarding the matter: You Can't Stow away From The Light.


  I. v. 21 LIGHT HAS ITS PURPOSES A. Another parable was used by Jesus to instruct His disciples. He conveys a profound spiritual truth through the familiar symbol of a candle. In that day, it would have been an oil light. At least one was in each house. It was utilized to provide illumination in naturally dark homes.

        At that time, houses had holes cut into the walls where a lamp could be put. A lamp was not lit to be concealed beneath a bed or basket when it was lit. The lamp was intended to be elevated so that everyone in the house could see from it.

B. The goal of this parable is to show what spiritual light is used for. Jesus was shedding light on the world when He preached the Word of God. His light was given to address individuals caught in profound dimness; to show them that there was a way for them to be saved.

                According to John 9:5, Jesus was "the Light of the World" while He was here. John 3:16 says that while teaching men about God's love, our Lord's light shone brightly.

                His light was intended to uncover the Glorious Dad to fallen man, John 1:18; 14:9. As He gave His life on the cross for sinners, His light got brighter until it shone like the glory of heaven. When He rose from the dead, it then burst forth in brilliant beams.

                The light of our Lord was never meant to be hidden. He didn't come to this world to hide the truth from men; rather, he came to lighten the darkness.

C. The Lord gave us His light when He saved us from our sins. He does not wish for us to conceal the light. Matt, He wants us to let His light shine through our lives so that others can find God. 5:16; Eph. 5:8; 1 Pet. 2:9. Rom says that too many Christians conceal the light. 13:11-14.

D. Ill. Light is a wonderful present! Can you recall a time when the light of the Gospel broke through the darkness of your sinful past? Might you at any point recollect when the Ruler put His light and His life inside you? You are aware of that light's value if you can. It must be shared with a lost and dying world, not kept a secret!


 II. Verse 22: "Light Has Its Powers": A. The Lord reassures us that light has the ability to reveal what is hidden. The light that Jesus came into this world to show not just uncovers the secret things of God to man; Additionally, it reveals the secrets of man! Because of this, the Gospel message has been rejected by so many people who have heard it.

        The Gospel is a message of salvation, however it is likewise a message of a showdown. It is a message that shows how dark the human heart really is. People, like insects and other nighttime creatures, run from light when it hits them. Why? Jesus said it was on the grounds that "their deeds are malicious", John 3:16-21.

B. At the point when the illumination of the Gospel sparkles into an individual's heart, it uncovers all the murkiness contained in that heart. The lost sinner goes through something difficult like that. However, salvation will come as a result of the darkness fleeing when it is exposed to the light. The most vital phase in coming to Jesus to be saved is having your wrongdoings presented to the light.

C. We must also comprehend that there will come a time when all the dark secrets will be exposed. Christians will see each of their mysteries uncovered at the Judgment Seat of Christ, 2 Cor. 5:10; Rom. 14:12. According to Rev. 20:11–15, the Great White Throne judgment will reveal the secrets of the lost.

        Nobody has at any point pulled off transgression! That is the reasonable educating of the Holy book, Sick. Reuben, Gen. 49:3-4; Josh Achan 7:1-26; Ananias and Sapphira, Acts 5:1-11. Every time there is a dark work, it will always come to light. You and I can not conceal our transgressions either, Num. 32:23.

D. It is far preferable to confess your own sins to the Lord rather than to conceal them and wait for God to reveal them, Pro. 28:13. They will also be exposed! According to 1 John 1:9, we can receive His forgiveness if we are sincere about our sins. Our sins will consume us internally if we try to cover them up. Sick. David after his wrongdoing with Bathsheba, Psa. 38:1-11; Psa. 32:3-5.)


(Ill. Chapter 23: "Are you listening!" Today, the Lord is attempting to communicate with someone in this location. Is it true that he is focusing His light on you?)


III. Verse 24: "Light has its advantages" (Ill.) This verse is full of truth. It is urged on us to pay attention to the right voices. It is advised that we share the truth with others. A precious promise provides us with solace. We should unload these three assertions for one minute.)

A. We Are Advised To Pay attention Toward The Right Voices - There are many voices vieing for our consideration in nowadays. When the Lord calls us to Himself, we need to make sure that we only hear His voice. The right voice will continuously express words that line up with the Book of scriptures and direct you toward Jesus.

        We must pay attention to what that voice tells us to do whenever we hear it. When it tells us that we must come to Jesus in order to be saved, we must! At the point when it calls us to an existence of more profound responsibility, we really want to comply with it. We must give in when it calls us to a life of service.

        Additionally, we must be aware of how we hear that voice. Like Abraham, Gen. 22:1-14, we should be truly tuning in for the voice of the Ruler to address our hearts.

B. The Lord Has Called Us to Share the Truth We Have Received We Have Already Mentioned This, but the Lord has commanded us to do so, Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 16:15; Acts 1:8. Of the multitude of things you can do with your life, maybe none is more prominent than getting some margin to share your confidence and the things God has shown you with others. Being called to share the Gospel with the world is a great honor for us!

C. We Are Console By The Ruler's Commitment - The thought here is that the individuals who pay attention to everything the Master is saying to them, and comply with Him by parting with their confidence, will see Him uncover much more truth to them. Take the time to share what you already know if you really want to know the deep things about God. Give everything He has given you away!

·         Did you learn something about the Master in your confidential time today? Hand it out!

Have you picked up something useful in Sunday School? Hand it out!

Have you learned anything from a sermon you recently heard? Hand it out!

Did God reveal to you a profound truth in His Word? Hand it out!

                You will receive more truth from the Lord as you share the truth that He has shown you. The Lord has no reason to give you more truth if you hoard it and keep it to yourself.

                The only thing that increases in value as it is distributed is the Gospel. The more you share reality with others, the more the Master will impart His reality to you. We are investing in the spiritual development of others and ourselves by sharing our faith.

                According to John 7:48, we are to be "rivers of living water." We should allow reality to stream out from us. Insufficiently many Christians act like ponds. Nothing ever comes out the other side of the truth that enters. Consequently, their lives stagnate.



        (Sick. Coincidentally, we serve a Divine being Who has practical experience in giving us "more".

·         God doesn't simply excuse, He "plentifully acquits", Isa. 55:7.

Micah 7:18 says that God doesn't just show mercy; rather, He "delighteth in mercy."

Not only does God save, but He saves "to the uttermost," according to Hebrews. 7:25.

God doesn't just save the sinner and make amends for his transgressions; He takes him in as part of his family. He provides him with joy, peace, hope, and blessings. He offers unwavering assurance and eternal safety.

Our God places a strong emphasis on the "more."

        You see we have a Hero Who gives not "of" His wealth, however "as indicated by His wealth", Phil. 4:19. When a billionaire donates one dollar "out of" his wealth, he has given something, but not a lot. At the point when a tycoon gives "as per his wealth" he can do extraordinary great.

        Ill. Bill Gates, a billionaire, once spent hundreds of millions of dollars to give every child in the African nation of Rhodesia the smallpox vaccine. That is giving "in proportion to his wealth."

        God's giving makes what Bill Doors' failed to measure up! God continually provides us with "more" by reaching into His vast heavenly reserves. More compassion, kindness, forgiveness, grace, hope, blessings, etc.


IV. v. 25 LIGHT HAS ITS Commitments

A. The individual who hears reality and passes it on will see his capacity to get truth extended. The Lord continually reveals more truth to this kind of person as he hears the truth and discloses it. He learns new things about God that he never could have imagined. That's the promise made to the one who gives the light away!

B. A person who denies the truth will lose the ability to recognize it. This kind of person will not only receive less truth, but they will also eventually lose their grasp on the truth they used to have.


(Ill.) How many of these people went to high school and learned a foreign language or an instrument? On the off chance that you haven't drilled those things since, you have most likely lost your capacity to do them.

        I have, for instance, taken algebra; advanced math; trigonometry; what's more, math. I finished the assessments and got done with the tasks, however that was then, at that point. That information hasn't been used by me in years. I would almost certainly fail an algebra test if I sat down today to take one!


        It is much more serious to deny God's truth than to neglect your mathematical education. Every person who rejects the light will experience tragedy as a result of rejecting spiritual truth! John 8:25 says that if they reject the truth, they will go to Hell; John 5:40.


Conc: The small candle has a lot of power. Darkness can be dispelled by it. The candle gives its light at extraordinary expense for itself. The candle loses its very life as it releases its precious light.

        This perfectly exemplifies what Jesus did for us. In order to bring His light to the lost, He paid a high price. He gave his life and light to us by putting his life on the line for us. At the point when He saved us, He encouraged that light inside our souls. In order to illuminate the path to God for a lost world, we must shine our lights.

        Giving others light may cost us everything, but we must be willing to pay the price. We should never be at fault for accumulating the light; concealing the light or impeding the light. We must allow our light to shine for God's glory!

        Companion, you can't stow away from the light! You will eventually be confronted with the truth of God's Word. It might have previously finished so today. It is possible that the Ruler has addressed your heart; uncovered your wrongdoings; and emphasized the Gospel's veracity. To be saved, you need to come to Him! Please don't deny the facts! Kindly don't happen toward Damnation. Please visit Jesus today to be saved.

        He truly cares about you. He passed on for you. And if you turn to Him, He will save you. You can't run away from the sun! You will face Him as a judge in eternity if you reject Him as your Savior in this life! That must not occur! Be saved right now if you accept the truth.

        Are you a child of God who has received the truth today? Might it be said that he is calling you to impart the Light to a lost world? If you just come to Jesus today and reaffirm your commitment to obey Him and share the Gospel with a lost world, it would be a good day.

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