Intro: Ill. These are difficult times for us. It appears to be that there is inconvenience on each hand and that the Ruler's public are experiencing under pointless weights. It is simple to forget that Romans 8:28 actually means what it says! Once in a while, it is not difficult to get crushed, deterred and despondent. It is simple to lose one's shout frequently. What's going on? In the midst of our difficulties, I believe we lose our voice because we lose sight of the true cause of our joy. Is happiness the source of our happiness? We all want to feel good, but the text suggests that feelings aren't the most important thing. Is it the situation that makes us happy? From our text, apparently not! Is it happiness to get what we want? Again, I would say no based on the text! Then, what is the true source of joy? Jesus said that instead of feelings, circumstances, or getting what we want, the true source of joy is the simple, blessed assurance that we have been saved by grace, which should bring us "joy unspeakable and full of glory" in our hearts and lives.

      Examine the text. The Devotees had been out teaching and serving for the sake of the Master. They had witnessed significant events. Why is this? Because even demon spirits were powerless against God's influence in their lives and were driven out by them. They are overjoyed by this and bring their great spiritual power to Jesus. However, Jesus reveals to them the real reason for their joy. He tells them that the best and most powerful way for a believer to experience joy in their life is through salvation.

      You know, I'm happy He said that! I have never projected out a devil, and I likely never will. The overwhelming majority of you are in almost the same situation. We haven't had anything like that, and we don't expect to ever have anything like it. If something of that magnitude were required to give us reason to celebrate, then I suppose we wouldn't ever be able to celebrate in the name of the Lord. However, Jesus made joy accessible to every child of God!

      The main thing vital for there to be celebrating in your life is only the way that you name is written in Paradise. On the off chance that we might at any point snag that reality, we would destroy this building this evening! I'm here tonight to let you that know if you are saved, then you have motivation to celebrate. You ought to scream. You have all that is expected to applaud the name of the Master as lengthy, as uproarious and as frequently as you wish.

      I want everyone in this room who has been born again to know that they can rejoice and that there is nothing stopping them. I want to explain why you should, can, and should learn to praise Jesus. Permit me to give you three motivations behind why You Have A Permit To Acclaim The Master.

  I. Your license to praise is eternal salvation (Ill. Salvation is more than a "get out of hell free card." Believers frequently overlook the many wonderful gifts that salvation provides as they confront life's challenges. I just want to remind you of what you have because of your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. In the event that your name is written in Paradise, you are saved and every one of the advantages of salvation have a place with you! Take note of a few of those advantages with me.)

A. There Is a Relationship - A brand-new relationship is established at the very moment of conversion. According to 1 John 3:1-2, a newborn child of God is immediately a child of God. We have a special relationship with God in Heaven, who becomes our father. I need to address 2 parts of that relationship tonight.

1. Gal. Has Had an Adoption. 4:4-6; 2 Cor. 6:17-18 When we are saved, we are taken on into the group of God. He accepts us as His youngsters with every one of the freedoms and honors thereof.

2. There Is Access: As children, we have unrestricted access to our Heavenly Father, Heb. 4:14-16. As a result, we can seek assistance by taking our burdens to Him. We can approach Him with our issues and seek solutions. We can seek healing by taking our wounds to Him. As God's children, we are free to seek the Father out and allow Him to meet our requirements.

B. There Is A Restoration - When an individual comes to Jesus for salvation, a few things are made new. Sometimes are eliminated, which is a cause for celebration!

1. He washes us clean - Col. 2:13; Eph. 4:32 - All that was messy, foul and underhanded about us has been everlastingly removed! That by itself, is motivation to adulate His Name!

2. We Are Transformed by Him—He not only alters the future but also takes away the past! 2 Cor. We are clearly informed in verse 17 that a person is transformed when they become a child of God! They have been redeemed and are now free to live for the Lord, despite the fact that they are no longer the same as they were. (Ill. Ephes.) 2:10) When you meet Jesus, everything changes!

C. There Is A Prize - As hard as it could be to envision, the Ruler will remunerate His youngsters, both now and when they return home. As indicated by Rom. 8:16-17; Titus 3:7; 1 Pet. 1:3-4 states that every child of God is an heir. That is, we in a real sense share in responsibility for that has a place with the Dad. What does that cost? Psalm 24:1; Psalm 50:10. To put it simply, it is sufficient for you and I to enjoy the best of the best! Everything that my father gave me is mine! And that is sufficient! In fact, we are only just beginning to comprehend everything that Jesus Christ has for us. The verse 1 Corinthians, which typically speaks of the splendors of Heaven, is more appropriate for this life. 2:9. We couldn't in fact envision what the Ruler can do in and for the people who are His!


(Sick. He kicked the bucket for me, He called me, and He saved me! He did everything! He put me in His body. He offered me a position of service. I was equipped to serve by him. He gave me gifts that would empower me to do His will. He favored. He labored. He was in charge of the harvest. Then, when this life is finished, He will in any case compensate me for the works I perform for Him, 1 Cor 3. No big surprise we will throw our crowns at His feet and commendation His Name - Fire up. 4!)


D. There Will Be Rescue: Daniel 12:1 describes a time when those whose names are in the book of life will be expelled from this world. According to 1 Corinthians, believers refer to that event as the rapture. 15:51-52; 1 Thes. 4:16-17. Essentially in light of the fact that our names are recorded in Paradise, we will get to proceed to be with Jesus when He gets back to accept His Lady. We will be taken alive to be with Him in Paradise and we will miss the Incomparable Adversity that is to happened upon the earth. In a flash, we will leave and spend all of eternity with our glorious Lord in His heavenly dwelling!

E. There Is A Reality - John 5:24 - When we came to Jesus for salvation, we "passed from death unto life," and we "will not come into judgment." We are free from all of sin's horrible effects! Rom says that we have been freed from the terrible cost of sin. 6:23. Additionally, we have been spared the certain wrath of a living God, Rom. 8:1; Rom. 5:9.


(Ill.) If these five truths were all you had; that would be sufficient for incessant praise of the Lord! Notwithstanding, there are 2 additional reasons that I might want to give that explain to us For what reason Needn't bother with Authorization To Acclaim The Ruler.)


II.            Timeless SECURITY IS YOUR LECENSE FOR Acclaim

A. Sick. In addition to the fact that we are saved and can yell about that, however we are saved until the end of time! Notice the words "are composed". The Perfect Passive Indicative uses this verb. may not be very important to you, but this will. The strict feeling of this action word is this, "your name is composed and will be composed." It refers to "it standing written." The past action that has ongoing effects into the future is referred to in the Perfect Tense. We are reminded by the passive voice that the subject is being acted on by someone else. The Indicative Mood is nothing more than a factual statement. Assuming you set up all of this, you understand that previously, God put your name in the Sheep's Book of Life, and that activity carries on into what's in store. Jesus said, "Your names stand written in heaven," to put it simply.


B. The Master Jesus gave a commitment thusly in Fire up. 3:5. There, he promises that our names will not be erased from the history of life! I am thankful to the Lord that you will remain there forever when you enter! John 10:28 says that no child of God can lose his salvation; John 6:37-40; John 17:12! After all, the power of God keeps us, not what we do (1 Peter). 1:5. God isn't great enough to keep me saved if I can lose it!

C. If it ever occurred to us that we are kept by grace as well as those who saved us, we would break apart! I have no doubt that many Christians secretly dread the possibility that they will perish and end up in Hell at some point in the future. Nothing could be father from reality! There is good news if you are saved—you will be saved forever!


III.        Your license to praise is eternal satisfaction, A. Ill. If being saved and secure for all eternity aren't enough, perhaps the thought of Heaven will do the trick. Why? Because according to Rev. 20:15, having your name inscribed in the Book of Life signifies the difference between Heaven and Hell; Rev. 21:27. On the off chance that your name is in the book, you are going to Paradise!

B. "Expressed" signifies to "select as a resident." Phil, you became a citizen of that nation as soon as you accepted Christ as your personal Savior and saw your name written in heaven. 3:20; Eph. 2:19. As a consequence of this, the redeemed are entitled to Heaven in its entirety!

C. Just consider the significance of that! It indicates that we belong to Heaven and will one day experience all of its splendor! Allow me to help you to remember some of them.

              1. No tears at all - Rev. 21:4 No passing - Fire up. 21:4

              3. No anguish, from Rev. 21:4 No suffering, according to Rev. 21:4 5. Rev. 21:8: "There is no sin" No sinners, according to Rev. 21:8 7. There is no Temple - Rev. 21:22 There is no sun in Rev. 21:23 9. No nighttime - Rev. 21:25 No revile - Fire up. 22:3

            Sick. Yet, that is all negative! Take a gander at what will be there!

              1. God with His kin - Fire up. 21:3

              2. Rev. 21:22-23: The Lamb and His People; 22:4

              3. Jasper walls - Fire up. 21:11-12

              4. Rev. 21:21, Pearly Gates, verse 5 Brilliant Roads - Fire up. 21:21

              6. The recovered - Fire up. 21:24

              7. Rev. 21:23 describes God's glory. Home - John 14:1-3

Sick. There's more that could be said about Paradise, 1 Cor. 2:9, but these things are enough to make me happy to know that they are mine and that one glorious day I will eat of them. And you?


Conc: I hope you can see, as we conclude these thoughts this evening, that those of us who are saved have many reasons to celebrate. The inquiry that strikes a chord presently is this, "Have we been giving the Master enough recognition and genuinely deserve, or have we been at fault for keeping down?" We should conclude that, assuming we are saved, we will behave like we are saved and we will cheer basically in light of the fact that we would be able! Isn't it good of the Lord to give us so many reasons to praise Him? This evening, let us give Him glory and honor rather than taking them for granted. (Ill. the Psalmist's words in Psalm 145:1-21.)

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